Greek Costumes

From Greek Gods to Athenian Warriors, the Greeks certainly had a wide range of iconic figures and characters that are fantastic for historical themed costumes. Now you can go as a Greek to your next fancy dress event with our superb selection of Greek costumes. It doesn't matter whether you want to show up as a Spartan Warrior, go as a Greek Princess or turn yourself into Helen of Troy our collection of costumes covers the vast diversity in Ancient Greek society. But there's more! The Greeks are well known for the wonderful array of Gods they worshipped, that's why we couldn't have a Greek collection without creating some wonderful mythical costumes for you to enjoy. We have many mythical costumes covering everting from Minatours to Cyclops, you can even go as the greatest God of them all in our Zeus fancy dress costume. Don't forget to also visit the Weapon store to stock your soldiers with the perfect period weapons! 
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